Making your project succeed beyond expectation

We’ve earned a reputation as a successful project partner by building enduring relationships based on trust and understanding.

Everyone at Lambert believes in our approach and is fully committed to delivering results for you.

We deliver excellent results because all our products and services, from design to installation, are provided in-house. This means you benefit from consistently high quality, flexibility, speed of delivery and guaranteed confidentiality.

Our strength is a highly successful team of experts who are adaptable, dedicated and hands-on professionals capable of overcoming the most complex challenges. They combine world-class technical expertise with proven project management and communication skills, ensuring effective and friendly collaboration with your own teams and managers.

We understand how to manage detail. Sometimes it’s a tiny detail that makes or breaks a project, so we use our own Tracker System software to keep track of every element of a project, from individual component manufacture to departmental loading. This gives us a monitoring and control capability that greatly improves our ability to deliver to schedule and to budget, and to get everything right first time.

Central to this system is the project chart, which is automatically updated via bar coded job cards and time sheets for every hour worked. As a central management tool it enables us to analyse progress continuously across all projects, and adjust resources to ensure that each one is performing optimally.