We help you to innovate with confidence

Innovation is both a necessity and a challenge. We work with you to design and develop new products and their manufacturing processes. It's our job to overcome all the technological obstacles, which we achieve by working tirelessly as your innovation partner. 

Innovation offers opportunities for new efficiencies as well as new products and processes. For example, by developing the product and process in parallel, the product can often be improved significantly. Our service typically starts with us advising you on how best to improve the "automatability" of components and products. Options include devising new processes, rationalising components or implementing new design features.

Our design studies look at every aspect of product & process. Tools such as process failure mode effect analysis (PFMEA) identify process methods and inspection systems critical to the product and end user.

We can then develop a user requirement specification (URS) that accurately describes the automation goal.

The consultation process fully details all proposed automation so that you can evaluate its impact on product design and production processes. From experience this invariably results in improved product quality, automation throughput and efficiency.

We also give you full and detailed costings for everything. This enables you to plan and budget accurately, and eliminates ‘surprises’. Again from experience, full visibility of costs helps identify scope for often significant savings.

The next step is usually to develop test equipment to prove the concept and provide assurance of success prior to investing in full automation. We can then build, test and install the full system.

Understand - Innovate - Realise

The Lambert name has become synonymous world wide for our cutting edge automation processes and transformational technologies. 

Delivering enhanced time to market, lowest cost of goods and differentiating intellectual property our flexible services include:

  • Automation Business Case Modelling
  • Process & Product Development
  • Product Design For Manufacture
  • Technology Audits