Schedule, monitor, control

Managing manufacture within a busy, multi-disciplinary environment is complex and challenging. Careful planning, full visibility and flexibility are fundamental to success. To orchestrate it all and deliver with style, we use our own unique Tracker system.

Tracker is an Access-based PC system developed by our in-house R&D team. It provides total visibility and hourly status reporting on all ‘live’ projects. It monitors not only all in-house manufacture but also all subcontractor facilities currently in use.

Central to the Tracker system is the project plan, which displays all estimated hours as discrete tasks categorised by discipline.
Automatic daily updates show progress against timelines, and all projects are monitored to ensure compliance to their plans.

The Tracker system gives us total visibility of individual components down to operation level.

It tells us where we are in relation to the plan, exactly where items are in the factory, and exactly how much each part costs to manufacture.

All this data is retained and used to provide highly accurate quotations the next time these parts are needed.