Global Supply Chain

Fully managed globally sourced components - GSC complementing our in house precision manufacturing capability we’ve developed a robust and mission aligned global supply chain designed to allow the delivery of Grade B and C high volume components at the lowest possible price.  The idea is to make your life as simple as possible by providing a cost effective and convenient one stop shop for all your component needs.

Many years of manufacturing experience coupled with innovative supplier management provide us with the unique skills to deliver fully managed and quality assured low cost components. Sourced from our global supply partners these high or low volume precision components are delivered in line with the same operational values as the high grade components manufactured within our own production facility.
You can be confident this means you will experience exactly the same commitment, dedication and service irrespective of origin.

Developed in partnership with our supply partners an audited Quality Management System guarantees components are delivered to exact specification. In short all GSC components are subject to the same rigorous quality systems as our in house manufactured parts.

Whether it’s the high end mission critical components supplied by our in house teams or the high or low volume simple parts provided by our innovative and fully managed global supply chain you can be sure that Lambert has the expertise to deliver... all from one quality assured source.

Experience the best of both worlds with operational innovation from Lambert.

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• High volume manufacturing
• Low volume manufacturing
• Milling, turning and grinding
• Fabrication
• Lowest possible cost
• Fully managed & quality guaranteed
• Standards & specification assured
• Completely secure IP
• Mission aligned supply chain
• Grade A tooling
• Grade B and C components
• Assembly with total control of final build quality