State of the fine art engineering

We have close to 40 precision machine tools at your disposal in our state of the art manufacturing facility. They’re operated by highly experienced and dedicated engineers who don’t simply make things, but constantly think how they can improve speed, accuracy, quality and value to the customer.

We operate over 20 CNC milling machines, from a Soraluce SP6000 travelling column machining centre to small Ajax AJT5 turret mills. We also have 10 CNC Lathes, 5 grinding machines and a fully equipped fabrication shop that can operate to Lloyds approved standards.

Through working closely with our system building teams, our machine operators appreciate that components have to work in perfect harmony with each other, as well as put in strong solo performances. That holistic approach gives us an unrivalled ability to make any machinery achieve the highest levels of performance and quality.

Experience also teaches us that conventional solutions are not always the best. Enquiring minds will often find more efficient and cost effective alternatives. And because we care about your success, we’re happy to enquire constantly. That’s why you’ll always find us asking questions: Is this right? How often does that happen? What if we did this?

This analytical process governs our approach to component design and manufacture. It also extends to our specialist suppliers, all of whom are audited and approved for supply into Lambert.

So whether your business is in aerospace, nuclear, power generation, medical or FMCG, we’re your best choice for high quality, value added component parts and expertise.