The world’s automatic choice for providing value through innovation

We’re driven by the desire to become the automation specialist everyone thinks of first. It’s our aim to be thought of as that extremely clever company that always provides more than anyone else.


  • To empower, develop and invest in our people to fulfil their potential and provide a safe premier working environment for all - People are our business.
  • To provide competitive advantage for the world's leading companies by creating innovative bespoke solutions, unrivalled in quality & value.
  • To conduct an efficient and sustainable zero waste business, minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and protecting our planet for future generations.
  • To differentiate ourselves by providing that unrivalled value added service beyond the expectations of our customer - Always impressing everyone we engage.


THE LAMBERT FACTOR - We will differentiate ourselves by providing that unrivalled extra service, unexpected and beyond anything our competitors provide. This will be achieved through the following core principles:

Safety First

  • All accidents are preventable.
  • Deliver together through our behaviour and actively care.

Customer Centric Ethos

  • Everything we do is centered on the customer’s needs.
  • We aim to add value at every opportunity.
  • We believe in partnerships built on trust, respect and flexibility.


  • We deliver novel solutions built on expertise and cutting edge technologies.
  • We invest in continuous R&D to develop cost-saving and performance enhancing technologies.
  • We apply lean thinking to all business processes to cut waste.
  • Our culture encourages our people to contribute and develop new ideas.


  • As an ISO 14000 accredited company, we eliminate waste from every process and take our environmental responsibilities seriously and maintain our 6S values.


  • We develop and mentor key supplier partners to ensure the highest supply chain standards.
  • We expect suppliers to support our vision, mission and aims and in return maintain ethical business relationships with them.



  • We provide a great working environment that encourages confidence, personal fulfilment, teamwork, and a shared wish to make everything we do a success.
  • Our training and development programmes ensure that our personnel have world class skills and expertise to offer our customers.


  • Quality rules. We aim for everything to be right first time, above and beyond customer expectations, and subject to continuous improvement.


  • Clear, positive, proactive, friendly, relevant, timely - Solution Provider, Not Problem Identifier.