Thriving on improvement and efficiency

Continuous improvement isn’t just about things you already do well. It’s also about removing obstacles to doing anything well. That’s a much bigger challenge that in itself requires skill and determination.

We’re always looking for ways to save costs and be more efficient. Every aspect of our business comes under the spotlight, from the simplest operational detail to the most complex technical process.

We also take part in benchmarking and other schemes to share knowledge and best practice with other successful enterprises. We’re long-standing partners and supporters of MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) and actively promote engineering to local schools, colleges and universities.

Current initiatives include:

  • Graduate intake programme.
  • Apprenticeship programme.
  • Factory up-scaling coupled with a range of operational enhancements.
  • Resource up-scaling and focused management training.
  • Development of strategic supplier partnerships.
  • Low cost sourcing for manufacturing.
  • 6S
  • Lean manufacturing.
  • Technology lead innovation.
  • Listening post system.

The point of all these initiatives and improvements is to ensure that we keep our mission on track - and that is never to give less than our best to either our customers or our people.