Multiplying your production capacity

As an experienced strategic OEM partner, we specialise in building multiple machines at the same time for programmed rollout - and in doing so, cut your costs considerably.

In many markets, the more production equipment you can deploy quickly, the greater your competitive advantage. Only Lambert can replicate machinery in the numbers you may need to satisfy global demand for your products.

And with those numbers come significant unit cost savings, thanks to Lambert's unique advantages.

One is our strategic relationships with low cost, high quality suppliers. This guarantees best value prices.

Another is operational innovation - our habit of working with you, looking constantly for new ways to make your designs and processes leaner, smarter, more cost effective.

In short, adding yet more value for you wherever we can.

Using lean ideas such as cellular build, one piece flow, kanban, and just in time deliveries we aim to maximise efficiencies and provide the lowest possible cost at all times. Working together as partners adds a further dimension as it allows us to plan, anticipate needs, better leverage volume, hold stock components and reduce lead times.

Underpinning it all is our legendary focus on quality. No matter how many machines you want rolled out, or how quickly, each and every one will be built, tested and installed to perfection.

Without doubt, a volume build project is a major investment. It demands a technology partner with indisputable expertise and proven experience. And that is Lambert.