Diversity and challenge create knowledge

In addition to the challenges of assembly, packaging and converting equipment, we’re proud to have designed and developed many against-the-odds, ground-breaking systems.

We’re often challenged with seemingly impossible tasks but our cross-sector expertise remains undefeated. Automotive, food, drug discovery and dental enterprises have all benefited from our creative thinking and many are now market leaders with products manufactured by our systems.

The use of module technology units and our custom heritage allows Lambert to be ultimately flexible and therefore deliver systems that exactly meet the demands of these unique applications.

Whatever the principle needed we have the expertise needed to deliver your system into any environment wherever in the world you need it.

Special Process Systems

  • Diagnostic Test Strip Tape Laying
  • Slitting
  • Testing and Singulation
  • Fuel Tank Assembly
  • Powder & Liquid Filling
  • Confectionery manufacture
  • Laser ablation