Our innovation changes the rules of the game

We want to help make your business as successful as possible. To do this, we are pro-actively gaining knowledge of and developing world leading technologies to challenge the status quo and ensure that we will always be able to deliver faster, smarter, more efficient and more cost-effective automation solutions.

For example, in partnership with customers and strategic suppliers, our innovation team developed Module Technology. This is a ‘construction kit’ of reconfigurable machine process modules for both assembling new and converting existing equipment. It includes machine structures and guarding systems as well as standardised and reconfigurable machine control platforms.

Our innovations deliver quantifiable results that can give you a significant competitive advantage. Innovation also drives our proof of principle work. We work hand in hand with our customers as we develop product and manufacturing process through different levels of technological readiness.


It’s vitally important at every stage to investigate whether a process is feasible prior to costly development in the wrong areas. This phase can be a test-bed for innovation; as we get to know your product we can utilise both our automation experience and our knowledge advancement program to proposed new methods and new technologies to achieve your ambitions.

All of this happens within the Wainman Innovation Centre; our state of the art R&D technology centre.  Housing a comprehensive range of automation modules and backed by some of the UK's most experienced automation and development engineers, the centre allows us to trial and develop automation processes, validate product design and establish proof of principle at the earliest stages of a project.  This is why the Lambert name has become synonymous worldwide for cutting edge automation processes and transformational technologies.