Providing the same reliability, functionality and flexibility at significantly reduced cost

The Challenge

To provide high quality machines with reduced cost and time to market while retaining the flexibility to provide a fit for purpose optimised solution.

The Solution

The development of a “Module Technology” approach which aims to combine our heritage for overall custom solutions with the use of optimised and cost effective tailored modules.

The Benefits

The modules have been designed to be economically reconfigurable so that they can be tailored to suit the particular need. They are optimised for function and are proven in their particular role. The concept also allows reduced system design, software, manufacture, wire and build times and this provides better value for money and faster time to market.

Module Technology allows us to retain the principal belief that the design of any automated solution should be driven by the product and related processes and not by a standard machine configuration.

Assembly System Modules

  • Pick and Place Units
  • Servo & Pneumatic Turnover Units
  • Bowl Feeder Systems
  • Tray Feeder Systems
  • Vision Guided Robotic Feeding - OMNIFEED
  • Rotary Table & Liner Indexing Systems
  • Machine Substructure & Guarding
  • Laser Marking Units
  • Labelling & Ink Jet Marking Units
  • Ultrasonic Welding Units
  • Hot plate Welding Units
  • Cold Forming Units

Converting System Modules

  • Unwind Units
  • Rewind Units
  • Dancer & Load Cell Tension Control Systems
  • Rotary Cutter Systems
  • Pull Nip Systems
  • Machine Substructure & Guarding
  • Ink Jet Marking Units
  • Hot Plate Welding Systems
  • Labelling Units
  • Island Placement Systems
  • Accumulators
  • Folding boxes
  • Waste handling
  • Collation Systems
  • Vision Inspection