Bespoke expertise plus
module technology gives
you optimal solutions

Our mission is to provide the best automated production system, special purpose machinery, automation system or industrial automation for any given process.

We achieve this by combining unrivalled design expertise with our own optimised and reconfigurable functional modules. This means we can quickly create the most effective solution for any type of automation requirement.

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Engineering expertise you can
depend on - time after time

Your product is unique - and so is the production equipment that makes it. A complete understanding of the whole production process is essential before equipment can be built that meets your exact specification.

This is where Lambert excels. We understand the intricacy and uniqueness of production processes. We know that small improvements can often make big differences, so we overlook nothing and take nothing for granted.

In particular we’re an expert partner for all your OEM equipment build to print and repetitive build needs- critical areas where only the best supplier and technology partner will do.

You benefit from our many years of expertise in all aspects of automation. You can be confident that the equipment we build for you will meet the highest possible standards.

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Precision and accuracy are
a given. It’s our desire to add
value that sets us apart

When buying precision components you’ll expect to get the cost, quality and lead time you want. We provide all that and much more: full project management, design for manufacture, an unrivalled understanding of purpose and excellent communication, which includes clear and complete documentation.

Thanks to the machine building expertise of our other divisions, we have a far greater understanding of component design, purpose and performance than most of our competitors. The benefit to you is our ability to offer ideas, should you need them, on how to enhance the design of your components to reduce cost or improve function.

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